Aggregates division:

Processed: stone # 56 and # 7, dust, basecoat
Unprocessed: rough, boulder, boulder, soil


Alia Aggregates specializes in supplying high quality processed and unprocessed stone material.

Our plant is located in Panama West, Corregimiento Guadalupe, La Valdeza Sector, La Chorrera.

The main raw material for the production of our aggregates is basaltic stone, which guarantees the physical and chemical characteristics of the material used in standard concrete and high strength. Our rigorous quality control is present in every stage of the production process, from extraction to delivery.

Panama West Sector Plant, La Chorrera

Located in La Valdeza, with quick access to the Arraiján-La Chorrera highway, which facilitates prompt and efficient distribution in the western area



We mainly serve concrete (stone No 56, stone No 7), blockers (dust) and civil projects (sub-base, capabase). We also have an unprocessed material dispatch line that focuses primarily on civil projects (rough, mattock and filler material).


Quality Management

The Aggregates Division has a quality management model that complies with ASTM norms, among others:

Concrete Aggregate Tests

Applicable norm

ASTM C-136
200 Mesh washed ASTM C-117
Unitary Weights – loose and rebarred  ASTM C-29
Organic Impurities ASTM C-40
Specific gravity and percentage of absorption of coarse aggregate ASTM C-127
Specific gravity and percentage of absorption of fine aggregate ASTM C-128
Erosion by sodium sulfide ASTM C-88
Sand Equivalency ASTM D-2419
Los Angeles Erosion ASTM C-131
Aggregate sampling method ASTM D-75
Test method for lumps of clay and undesirable particles ASTM C-142
Percentage of split faces ASTM D 5821
Elongated and flat particles ASTM D 4791

Base Layer and Selected Material Tests

Applicable Norm

Consistency limits
ASTM D-4318
Standard Proctor ASTM D-698