Products and solutions in concrete:

Premixed Concrete
Conventional Concrete
High Strength Flooring in Mortar


We have 2 plants, one in Las Mañanitas, in the East Sector of the province of Panama, and another in the West sector, in La Chorrera.

Our plants have a real production capacity of 80 m3 / hour. Both have state-of-the-art equipment to optimize concrete production.

The loading process of all materials is automated and computerized. Modern laboratories carry out strict quality control of the products, and a modern ota truck mixers allows our customers to receive your order promptly.


Panama East Sector Plant, Las Mañanitas

Located in Las Mañanitas, with quick access to the South and North Expressways, which guarantees an expeditious distribution of our products throughout the metropolitan area.

Panama West Sector Plant, La Chorrera

Located in La Valdeza, with quick access to the Arraiján-La Chorrera highway, which facilitates prompt and efficient distribution in the western area

Concrete products and solutions

Common Concrete

Between 1500-6000 PSI of ResistanceNormal and us with settlement according to needs Additives of High Quality and Resistance

Formaldehyde concrete

Alia Concretos has designed special concrete for common use in the development of social housing projects. Ask your commercial advisor for more information.

Special Concrete

Flooring, Concrete ARI – High Initial Resistance Fireproof ConcreteConcrete for Post-tensioned Structures

Pumping Service

ALIA Concretos has pumping equipment according to the needs of our customers.


Quality management

The Concrete Division has a quality management model that complies with ASTM:

ASTM C172 sampling
Settlement ASTM C143
Unit weight, yield
And air content ASTM C138
Air Content ASTM C173
Temperature ASTM C1064
Sample Catching and Curing ASTM C31
Compression Test ASTM C39

Automatic Dosing

The company uses Command Alkon automatic dosing systems to reduce any human error during the weighing and loading process of the materials in the mixer trucks.

Humidity Sensors

The plant has sensors that measure 10 times per second moisture in the aggregate feed hopper. They are designed to strictly comply with the specifications of the premixed concrete, ensuring that the volume of water contained in the aggregates is reduced in the mixing design.

Security Seal

All trucks arrive at the building site with a security seal with a serial code to ensure that the customer receives the entire product despatched.

Water Cooling Chiller

We have a modern system of cooling the drinking water used in our concretes, which significantly improves the performance and performance of our blends.

Monitoring with GPS technology

We follow our ota through GPS technology, to locate each delivery truck in real time and inform the customer the position of your order and the estimated time of arrival at your destination.

Quality Control Laboratory

Before leaving the plant, the concrete load of the trucks is subjected to strict quality control tests by our laboratoristas, following the current regulations in the matter:

  • Visual inspection of the product.
  • Temperature check.
  • Slump Check – Settlement – Settlement.
  • Sampling, cylinders or beams, as the case may be.
  • Volumetric testing.

In all tests and controls made by the Quality Laboratory, suitable equipment and recognized brands are used. The equipment is periodically calibrated and certified by institutes approved for this purpose.

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