Alia Group is the first CarbonCure Authorised Distributor in Panamá.

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CarbonCure enables the production of the same reliable concrete but with a reduced carbon footprint.

Concrete made with CarbonCure reduces CO2 by an average of 15 kilograms per cubic meter.


CO2 Source

CarbonCure uses CO2 sourced from industrial emitters. The CO2 is stored at concrete plants in pressurized tanks that are refilled regularly by the gas suppliers.

The Equipment

CarbonCure’s equipment is retrofitted into the concrete
plant. The Valve Box is connected to the CO2 tank stored onsite, and automatically injects a precise amount of CO2 into the concrete during mixing.

The Technology

Immediately upon injection, the CO2 mineralizes. The mineralized CO2 improves the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling producers to reduce cement content and achieve further carbon reductions without compromising quality.


Introduction to CarbonCure for Ready Mix Producers



Information Package for Designers and Builders



CarbonCure’s Impact on the Global Warming Potential of Concrete



Concrete made with CarbonCure reduces the carbon impact (GWP) of concrete by 4-6% and may be used in addition to other carbon-reducing strategies.


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